Health disparities emerge on modern civil rights front

“In black history, people often felt there was nothing they could do about their health,” Tillery said. “They accepted diabetes as a little sugar or high blood pressure as just part of life or the way things are. But we have seen people realize that they do control their own health. This movement, like any movement, will have to rise up from the people who demand better health care.” Said O’Toole, “It’s not just an individual tragedy. They affect the quality of life and our competitiveness in the global economy. It’s that big when you’re talking about inclusion and diversity.” Steve Schwalbe, senior vice president of strategy and communications at TriHealth, is a Health Gap board member. “I think about low birth weight and how we have such great hospitals and doctors in this region,” he said.
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Health Fears Grow In Damascus With Reported Chemical Attack

Men wearing masks walk along a deserted street that was hit by what activists said was a gas attack in the Damascus suburb of Ain Tarma on Wednesday.

The Syrian government has always referred to rebels as terrorists. But the Syrian authorities have yet to issue any clear statements putting to rest Damascenes’ concerns for general public safety. There have been no statements on the quality of the air in the city, or the safety of the food supply and water, and whether civilians need to take any extra precautions. One of the suburbs where the chemical attack may have taken place is Ghouta, an agricultural area that supplies much of the fresh produce, meat and dairy to Damascus. At a recent gathering of several Damascenes in the urban middle class neighborhood of Maysat, one mother of three, Salwa, said she cried “for hours” on Thursday after learning the news. And now she was worried about what to feed her children.
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States scramble to get health-care law’s insurance marketplaces up and running

An estimated 7million people are expected to use these portals to purchase health coverage in 2014. Graphic See how the states have sided on some of the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. More health and science news Sarah Kliff and Sandhya Somashekhar Some officials are preparing for hiccups or delays as the health-care laws Oct. 1 deadline nears.
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