Snoring: A New Tip-off To Stroke And Heart Disease

How to Get Rid of Snoring | “Snore Buster” Teaches People How to Stop Snoring Permanently – V-kool

If so, read up. It turns out that what seems like an annoyance is actually an alarm bell. New research conducted by otolaryngologists at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroitfinds that snoring is a bigger risk factor for stroke and heart attack than smoking, being overweight, or high cholesterol. According to research by Robert Deeb, MD and Karen Yaremchuk, MD, snoring can reveal damage to the carotid arteries the arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to the brain. The study which has been submitted to the journal The Laryngoscope, will be presentedin Scottsdale, Arizona on Friday at the 2013 Combined Sections Meeting of the Triological Society . The researchers looked at the carotid arteries in snorers and found increased thickening of the artery walls, indicating damage already setting in.
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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 01, 2013 Snore Buster created by Bryan Toder is an informative program that provides people with simple and easy ways to get rid of snoring, a step-by-step strategy to manage stress effectively, and cutting-edge lucid dreaming tips to become an expert Lucid Dreamer. Snore Buster gives efficient exercises that help learners open up their narrow throat. This program is ideal for most users regardless of their snoring condition and their current health. After Bryan Toder launched Snore Buster program, he received a lot of positive opinions from users regarding their success with the method . As a result, the site completed a full overview about the effectiveness of this new treatment. A comprehensive Snore Buster overview on the site indicates that this program delivers a 30-minute audio of pure hypnosis to help users get a good nights sleep. The e-guide provides learners with 2 effective sleeping positions to eradicate 90% of snoring in the first night they apply them.
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Hydro Med Announces: Snoring Due to Allergy Should be Stopped Early

For example, a patient starts snoring when tree pollen season begins in the spring. Then his nasal tissues swell. Air has difficulty getting past the narrowed airway. Like a flute or horn, this causes a loud sound. The narrower the nasal airway, the more the snoring noise. The same tree allergy may affect the throat tissues causing them to swell.
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