Beauty And The Beast Season 2 Review “reunion”

The Beauty Gap Is Closing: 7 Reasons Why

He attacks her, Vincent finds out and goes after him, and then they discover that they actually know each other. Because Zachs presence is triggering some old memories for Vincent, he wants to keep him around, and this causes some tension between Vincent and the rest of the cast including JT, who jealousy at a new friend on the scene isnt very well concealed. Gabes jealousy isnt hidden either, as Tess continually points out, and I wonder how long it will be before he either gets over it, or his attentions turn to Tess. As much as Im for her and JT making a go of things at some point, I wouldnt hate this to be a love triangle. Its a good job I like the supporting cast, since the relationship between Vincent and Catherine is pretty confusing this season. Three weeks ago, he pushed her in full beast mode, and the week after that she was shutting the door on their relationship for good.
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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Recap: A Blast from the Past

In dual-career families, attitudes toward child rearing and domestic chores have shifted so that men are expected to share these responsibilities. Male celebs now embrace roles once typical only played by females — as chefs, stylists and homemakers — and it’s only a matter of time before the everyday man does so as well. With this shift come the routines and habits that support these new roles. 5.
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Zach swears he will rip out Vincent’s heart the way Zach’s was, which probably doesn’t bode well for Cat. The Reunion Cat goes to her reunion after Tess convinces her she deserves to, and at first she has a good time. But elsewhere, JT and Vincent talk more about Gabriella, and JT says while Vincent once told him he didn’t know about Zach and Gabriella’s involvement, that won’t matter to the new beastly Zach. Vincent decides to go after Zach to make him understand, and of course, that leads him to the reunion. There, Cat has her phone off to enjoy the night and misses any calls or texts about what’s going on. So when Tess and Gabe show up, she’s clueless.
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